For Authors

  1. The Editors welcome submissions continuously or on request for special or jubilee issues.
  2. The Editors accept original texts, the contents of which have not been published earlier, in the following categories: scientific/conceptual works, research reports, case studies, letters to the Editors, reviews.
  3. Scientific works are published in one of the following languages: Polish, Slovak, Czech or English; abstracts in Polish and English are required.
  4. Preliminary verification of submitted texts is done by the Editorial Team, which assesses their content compatibility with the thematic profile of the journal, the fulfilment of formal requirements for academic papers and the compliance with editorial requirements.
  5. The other texts, which are not scientific articles, i.e. reviews, reports, polemics, are not subjected to the reviewing procedure and their publication depends on the decision of the Editorial Team.
  6. The Editors inform authors about qualification of the article for reviewing in a separate message. The author may withdraw a text only before submitting it to the publisher’s review. After the preliminary verification, the Editors do not return the papers which do not fulfil formal requirements and they do not inform the authors about this.
  7. Texts can be submitted online at

or by traditional mail (with an electronic version attached) to the Editors’ address:

Redakcja Czasopisma „PERSON”
Uniwersytet Śląski
ul. Bielska 62, pok. 250
43-400 Cieszyn